February 2

The Effects of Thrush and Pregnancy

I had my only son when I was in my early 20’s, and boy, was it a scary experience. It was scary because it’s my first born and I had no idea on how to raise a kid. But, nobody does get a free pamphlet on how to be a first-time parent, right? Well, at least not way back when I got pregnant. Source for more about porn.

I was an active mom-to-be. I was still at school until my 3rd trimester so I pretty much had a lot of walking done back then. I was an athlete and was still active in sports before I got pregnant, so staying active wasn’t an issue. But of course, it’s inevitable that I’d gain weight. On my 7th month, I was a whale. Figuratively and almost literally. Moving around had been difficult already.

Then, as I was closing in to my due month, I had edema – a condition common in pregnancy characterized by excessive fluid in some parts of someone’s body. My feet were swollen and I was getting heavier. I remember my mom would use to ask me to go on walks to keep my body ready for delivery but as time pass on, it was impossible for me to walk long distances without my feet giving out because of pain. So I had to sit or stay in bed most of the time. Because I was getting heavy, standing for a long period of time is unmanageable. Backaches and ankle pains were getting worse. I was like that until I gave birth through C-section.

So, my bestfriend phoned two days ago and asked me to accompany her to one of the massage clinics in town. I was skeptical but went with her anyway. She had an appointment booked for the both of us, but she had her massage specialist specified in the appointment. And may I tell you, she is 28 weeks pregnant. She was starting to experience pains all over her back and feet, and she said she’d been having these massages since her 3rd week. After the session though, she looked like she had just woke up from a long sleep. Fully rejuvenated. I was amazed, and just had to write about it.

If I was aware back then that pregnancy massage was a thing before and was being offered, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts and would have scheduled an appointment immediately. I would have given anything just to get rid of my body pains particularly, pains in my swollen feet and legs. What better way to complete the wonderful package of being a mom other than appreciating pregnancy itself?

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