February 1

Single Christian Women and Pre-Marital Sex

Premarital sex is a sexual act done outside of marriage. In other words it is an immoral act as far as religion is concern. Premarital sex has been practiced long before since the early 1900s but sooner people are starting to accept the immoral activity especially in western countries. In Christian morality premarital sex is a sin but sad to say that there are lots of cases of premarital sex in most parts of the world. The countries who are greatly against premarital sex are mostly those muslim countries like Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan. Religion is the only entity that forbids or discourages the practice of premarital sex. Most of the religious leaders always remind people that indulge in sex only after getting married. Nowadays, none of us seem to care about the sin that premarital sex brings. Just as long as they pleasure themselves with having sex nothing else matters. More information on porn on https://cia4opm.com/.

It is only right to educate our kids about premarital sex. The learning should start from home and follows in school. There should be enough information to children today regarding this matter. The sooner they have an idea about the negative aspect premarital sex brings then the sooner they can avoid getting in to practicing it. Unfortunately, from where I am from sex education is not widely accepted nor has it been taught. Maybe it is time that we learn and live with the fact that the young generation now is adopting really fast and they learn quick. So it is really helpful if they will be aware of what premarital sex is or having intercourse with getting married. Bottom line about this is premarital sex today is not a big deal. You can have sex with anyone you meet as long as you two are in agreement. Love is not even a factor anymore when it comes to sex. You can make out with someone you do not love like for example the clubs that offer sex for a certain price. Premarital sex is everywhere and it still exist.

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