March 6

Lupus Symptoms In Women

The job of your immune system is ordinarily to wander through your body looking for any signs of invading viruses or bacteria so that they can be stopped before they do serious harm. Sometimes, however, a person’s immune system will become confused and begin to perceive the tissues in her own body as potential invaders that need to be stopped.

One of the ways in which this can happen results in a disease formally known as systemic lupus erythematosus. Though it can potentially affect anyone, its symptoms usually appear in women.

Because it is an action of the patient’s own immune system, many of the symptoms of lupus disease are similar to those that people experience when they have a genuine infection. This includes developing a fever, having aching joints, and feeling persistently fatigued.

These are only signs of this disease, however, when they occur for no readily apparent reason. It is perfectly normal and absolutely no cause for panic when a person feels this way during a flu epidemic.

On the other hand, a person who shows symptoms of an infection regularly without it clearly being tied to an actual infection should definitely talk to a doctor.

There are other lupus symptoms that are more specific to this particular illness. One especially notable one is a characteristic lupus rash that patients often develop.

It appears on the face centered on the nose and moving down onto each cheek. Because of its distinctive shape, it is frequently referred to as a Butterfly Rash.

It is also not uncommon for people to develop rashes in other areas of their body, and for these rashes to occur or worsen in areas of skin that have been exposed to sunlight.

There are other symptoms of lupus which may occur in some patients and are more varied in nature. For example, some people experience hair loss or changes in their fingernails.

Others develop painful sores around their mouth and nose. It is not uncommon to become generally sensitive to sunlight, though for some people with the disease this is also related to the effects of the medications used to control their disease rather than due to the illness itself.

Finally, some people experience swelling and fluid retention around their ankles, or pain when they attempt to breathe in deeply.

Lupus Symptoms overlap heavily with many other diseases, and this makes it exceptionally difficult to diagnose. In its early stages, due to the aches, fever, and fatigue, it can often be mistaken for chronic fatigue syndrome or arthritis.

On the other end of the spectrum, people can also easily mistake it for harmless passing infections. If symptoms persist, though, and rest and fluids do not clear them up, it is very important to see a physician.

The obvious symptoms of this disease are generally more uncomfortable than harmful, but it also has internal effects as well. Left untreated, it can do significant damage to critical organs like the kidneys.

The right treatment, however, can allow a person to live much more normally and comfortably, even though the illness can not be completely cured.

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March 6

Lupus Symptoms – Butterfly Rash and Treatments

Lupus is a long-term chronic autoimmune disorder where the immune system is set in overdrive and begins to literally attack the body. It presents with a variety of different symptoms that can affect the joints, skin, brain, kidneys and other vital organs.

Lupus Symptoms vary between individual to individual. One of the most common symptoms is a skin rash that affects the face most commonly but can also appear on the scalp or other parts of the body.

Lupus Disease is also known as SLE, or systemic lupus erythematosus. The symptoms of this disease come and go due to the nature of the disease and most sufferers use treatments to alleviate these symptoms since there is no known cure.

The cause of lupus is yet unknown in the medical community but it is believed that it is related to genetics, the environment of the sufferer or a combination of the two. A couple of triggers in people susceptible to lupus can include certain medications and sunlight.

Since the cause, risk factors and cure are things that so far are virtually unknown, the best course of action is to reduce the inflammation and other symptoms caused by lupus. Lupus Rash is treated with various medications, topical creams and/or lifestyle changes respectively.

Butterfly Rash is the most common of the rashes found in lupus cases.

Skin rashes and inflammation is unavoidable in most chronic cutaneous lupus cases. These rashes can appear as round, disk shaped sores that present on the face and scalp in common cases.

Discoid lupus rashes are mostly thick, scaly and red but they usually do not hurt or itch.

This rash can leave scarring or discoloration of the skin behind. The lesions on the scalp can cause hair loss which can be permanent.

It helps to avoid the triggers of this subacute cutaneous lupus rash by staying out of the sun or cover your body when you are and try to avoid or prepare for fluorescent lights.

Malar Rash, another term for butterfly rash, occurs when the lupus is active. These lesions appear as flat, red skin patches that might look like sunburn or wind burn.

It looks like a butterfly, presenting across the nose bridge and on the cheeks which is why it is named after that. Scarring is not common with this rash.

While the face is the most common place this rash appears it can also show up on the legs, arms and other parts of the body.

Some treatments for these skin rashes include avoiding triggers, topical treatments, oral medications and some experimental treatments still being used in certain research and case studies. Some lupus sufferers also use natural supplements, creams, vitamins and foods that can decrease the symptoms of the rashes.

Preventative measures like avoiding triggers include avoiding or protecting your skin from the sun and any kind of artificial ultraviolet lighting. Sunscreens, long sleeves, hats, sunscreen and shady areas are recommended.

A few topical treatments can include calcineurin inhibitors and corticosteroid sprays, creams, lotions, foams, gels or other ointments and solutions.

Since lupus can range from mild to severe and the symptoms vary, treatments like sulfones, antimalarial drugs and short-term corticosteroids are used for mild to moderate Lupus Symptoms. Patients suffering with severe skin rashes from lupus can be treated with long-term corticosteriods, methotrexate, gold, thalidomide or other medications.

The severity and individual person determines the course of treatment.

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March 6

A New Treatment For Lupus Symptoms

For over fifty years, those who suffered from Lupus Symptoms had limited treatment options. A new drug has recently been approved for use to combat the frustrating disease.

This is a disease that affects millions of people, mostly women, and is very difficult to treat. Most options now are pain relievers and anti-malarial drugs that suppress the immune system.

These can help cut the pain and swelling of flare-ups but do nothing to actually cure or control the sickness. The main benefit of the new drug is that it blocks a key protein responsible for the development of the cells that attack healthy ones.  This is a huge step forward for those that are stricken by the disease.

The new drug is called Benlysta and it is the first treatment that deals directly with the disease instead of merely relieving the symptoms. In this disease, the immune system acts like it is over-stimulated and produces a large number of a specific type of white blood cells.

These cells normally fight bacteria and viruses in healthy people, but are more active in those with this condition. In these cases, the white blood cells attack a range of healthy cells.

This causes arthritis like pain and swelling in the joints, fevers, rashes, sever fatigue, and problems with major organs. There is no cure for the disease and it lasts all life long.

The only options to manage Lupus Symptoms have side effects. Steroids, immune suppressing drugs, and drugs to slow antibodies are the only options for Lupus Treatment. This new discovery should offer more and better options for those who are seeking relief from this disease.

The drug is administered intravenously and should cut down on the number and severity of flare-ups. This means there will be less need for other drugs to manage the symptoms, but it is not a complete solution.

Early results from trials show a considerable reduction in the amount of other drugs that the test subjects needed. It is not a cure and it is not a perfect answer, but it is a step in the right direction.

There have been no other approved treatments since 1955, so it will be interesting how well patients respond.

There are some significant warnings that go along with this announcement. During the testing there were higher reports of infections, and even deaths, among the test subjects than there were in those who did not get the drug.

It also appears that using the medication will cost about $35,000 a year. This is a huge jump from the cost of the current treatment options.

There also appears to be an uneven distribution among those that will get the most benefit. Unfortunately, African-Americans, who are diagnosed with the disease most often, do not seem to benefit as much as others.

It appears that the drug is less effective the more it is used and it does not work as well against the most deadly forms of Lupus. Due to the drawbacks and the relatively recent development of this medication, some doctors may not prescribe it as an initial therapy.

It is not uncommon for new medications to undergo a period of evaluation before it is widely accepted. The good news is that there is now a new option, which is something that could not be said for a long time.

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February 2

No Sex Adult Dating: Acceptable or Not?

When you are already an adult, there are cases that you have too many responsibilities that you might not even prioritize your own happiness. You might be too busy being an adult that you actually forget about having fun. Maybe you want to socialize and meet new people. With this, you can use some no sex adult dating websites. There are websites that you will be able to meet new people and find someone that you can be friends with. There can be many people that you can meet and you might find the one that you will spend the rest of your lives with. However, for some people, they find this unacceptable. You will be the one to check whether it is acceptable or not. Click here to know more about xxx.

Many Countries Use It

Many countries are open to adult dating that they have many dating sites to choose from. It is acceptable for them to use adult dating sites to meet new people and find someone that you can spend time with. There are even stories of success about finding the person that they will spend the rest of their lives with.

Nothing Bad about It

There is actually nothing bad about adult dating. Anyone can date and anyone can find someone that they can spend time with. As long as you are not doing bad things and are just trying to be happy, there is nothing wrong with it.

Keep Your Happiness First

If you will keep on thinking what other people would say, you will not be contented on what you have and you will not be truly happy. You would not want to hinder yourself to do something that can make you happy just because you are afraid of being judged. People are more accepting nowadays and there will be no problem regarding dating.

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February 2

The Effects of Thrush and Pregnancy

I had my only son when I was in my early 20’s, and boy, was it a scary experience. It was scary because it’s my first born and I had no idea on how to raise a kid. But, nobody does get a free pamphlet on how to be a first-time parent, right? Well, at least not way back when I got pregnant. Source for more about porn.

I was an active mom-to-be. I was still at school until my 3rd trimester so I pretty much had a lot of walking done back then. I was an athlete and was still active in sports before I got pregnant, so staying active wasn’t an issue. But of course, it’s inevitable that I’d gain weight. On my 7th month, I was a whale. Figuratively and almost literally. Moving around had been difficult already.

Then, as I was closing in to my due month, I had edema – a condition common in pregnancy characterized by excessive fluid in some parts of someone’s body. My feet were swollen and I was getting heavier. I remember my mom would use to ask me to go on walks to keep my body ready for delivery but as time pass on, it was impossible for me to walk long distances without my feet giving out because of pain. So I had to sit or stay in bed most of the time. Because I was getting heavy, standing for a long period of time is unmanageable. Backaches and ankle pains were getting worse. I was like that until I gave birth through C-section.

So, my bestfriend phoned two days ago and asked me to accompany her to one of the massage clinics in town. I was skeptical but went with her anyway. She had an appointment booked for the both of us, but she had her massage specialist specified in the appointment. And may I tell you, she is 28 weeks pregnant. She was starting to experience pains all over her back and feet, and she said she’d been having these massages since her 3rd week. After the session though, she looked like she had just woke up from a long sleep. Fully rejuvenated. I was amazed, and just had to write about it.

If I was aware back then that pregnancy massage was a thing before and was being offered, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts and would have scheduled an appointment immediately. I would have given anything just to get rid of my body pains particularly, pains in my swollen feet and legs. What better way to complete the wonderful package of being a mom other than appreciating pregnancy itself?

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February 1

Single Christian Women and Pre-Marital Sex

Premarital sex is a sexual act done outside of marriage. In other words it is an immoral act as far as religion is concern. Premarital sex has been practiced long before since the early 1900s but sooner people are starting to accept the immoral activity especially in western countries. In Christian morality premarital sex is a sin but sad to say that there are lots of cases of premarital sex in most parts of the world. The countries who are greatly against premarital sex are mostly those muslim countries like Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan. Religion is the only entity that forbids or discourages the practice of premarital sex. Most of the religious leaders always remind people that indulge in sex only after getting married. Nowadays, none of us seem to care about the sin that premarital sex brings. Just as long as they pleasure themselves with having sex nothing else matters. More information on porn on

It is only right to educate our kids about premarital sex. The learning should start from home and follows in school. There should be enough information to children today regarding this matter. The sooner they have an idea about the negative aspect premarital sex brings then the sooner they can avoid getting in to practicing it. Unfortunately, from where I am from sex education is not widely accepted nor has it been taught. Maybe it is time that we learn and live with the fact that the young generation now is adopting really fast and they learn quick. So it is really helpful if they will be aware of what premarital sex is or having intercourse with getting married. Bottom line about this is premarital sex today is not a big deal. You can have sex with anyone you meet as long as you two are in agreement. Love is not even a factor anymore when it comes to sex. You can make out with someone you do not love like for example the clubs that offer sex for a certain price. Premarital sex is everywhere and it still exist.

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